Jun 17, 2009

.:oh mom!!!:.

In this entry i would like to share with u all a story that i received from one of my friend...it was really a sweet yet a touchy one to share with u all..

Date with Second Women?

After get marriaged for twenty-one years, i found an unique way to refresh my love life.

Not long ago, I was going to date with a lady, and the idea came from my wife.
One day my wife said: I know u love her. I was shocked: The one I love is you! She said: I know, but u love her too.

The lady that my wife asked me to visit was my mother.
She was alone for nineteen years, however, I was busy with my job and my children, so I was less likely to visit her.

That night, i called her, invited her to have a dinner and movie with me on the second day.

' What happen? Are u alright?', she asked.
I answered: I was just thinking that if I have chance to date with u alone, it sure be very interesting.
After a while, she said: I do.

The Friday came after i knock off from my worked, I fetched her at her home, felt like a little bit nervous.
Because I had never been to a date with my mom before...

When I reached her house, I found that she seems a little bit nervous too.

She was in her suite, which she wore during her last wedding anniversary with my dad, waiting for me in her house.

She made her hair specially, smiling like an angel.

When she get into my car, she proudly said: all my friends were jealous at me when they know that i'm gonna dating with my son.

We went to a restaurant which was not expensive but with warmth and cozy environment.

My mom hold my hand as she was the wife of a president.

After getting to her seat, I help her to order her food,

Because she only can read the big capital words.

When we were eating, I found she was staring at me,

She smile and said: I remembered that during yr childhood, I always make the order for u. I answered: then now is yr chance to take a rest and let me to serve u.

We keep talking during our dinner,

Sharing about our life and some special things happening these few years.

We talked for very long time until we missed the movie. When I fetched her back to her house,

She asked: I'd like to date with u next time, but please let me pay the bill next time. I agreed.

When I back to my home, my wife asked: how's yr date with yr mom?

' It was interesting and fun, over my expectation', I answered.

Few days later, my mom passed away due to heart failure. The thing happened in an unexpected manner,

I wasn't prepared for it at all.

Soon after this, I received a letter, there are a receipt of the restaurant that I dated with my mom, and a message: I already paid the bill for our next date, even though I know I'd probably won't have chance to date with u anymore, I still pay the bill for two persons: u and yr wife. U will never know how meaningful the date to me, I love U....

At the moment, I realized: we must always spare our precious time to our beloved, and told them u love them before it is too late.

Dear friends, moral of the story:
There is nothing more important than yr family(especially ur mom, spend more time with them before it is too late.
Don't make any regret in our life.

my dear mom..mimin n harith panggil her 'wah'
mimin n harith with their beloved mama..hehe..perasan..

Jun 15, 2009

**Mimin's 4th Birthday Party**

skang baru ade mase sikit nk upload entry pasal birthday party mimin..actually party ni di buat pd 13/6 yg lps..kul 8-11 pm kat kfc nusa bestari(dpn our house je)mr sheh n me yg decide nak wat party ni outside ats byk sbb but the main reason is that we malas nak wat post party clean up..

so,nak dipendekkan citer..party ini dihadiri oleh sedara mara n some close frens..kak ayu, tini, rahmat, fahmy,kak maz,kak g etc..thanx a lot kpd yg sudi dtg n thnx byk2 ats hadiah2 utk mimin..she loves all the prezzies..

walaupon party tu start a bit late, but it was still fun especially bile its time for games n cake cutting..

hopefully this party will be a memorable one for the kids especially my lovely princess mimin..happy sungguh mama bile tengok mimin n harith happy..sampai tdo pon tersengeh je mimin mlm tu..

p/s:mimin got new outfit from maknong,two pairs of shoes fr kak meme, barbie school bag fr tok mak, watch fr ucu n aunt fiza, stationery set n books fr ami teh, color sets fr shasha, lovely towel fr abg hadif n zahrah n many more...thank u all!!!

ape la yg ditenung nie??
mama pose ngan mimin pulak yeh..jgn mare..
mimin wif mama,ayah n harith..
wif her frens..
thanx mak nong for this lovely polka dot outfit!!
harith..freedom tonite mama!!
the beautiful bday cake..thnx to aunty irma
party favorrr...

~camping at Pantai Tunjuk Laut Mersing~

Last weekend,our family pegi 'camping'kat pantai tunjuk laut in mersing..sebenarnye bkn fully camping pon sbb most of us tido kat chalet..yg pegi 8 family dgn 8 kereta..we all sampai around kul 11 pm hr Jumaat tu sbb tgu sume balik keje n packing sumer..sampai je,khemah sume dah siap psg,siap gadget2 barbeque nye sekali n siap wiring lighting lg kat campside..(thnx to tok ayah yg dah smpi ptg tu lg sbb hr tu tok ayah dah cuti)so,time we all smpi terus je dgn activity makan+lyn bdk2 yg xcited smpi x nak tdo..mama mimin x bwk mknan lgsg sbb x smpat nak prepare ape2..bedal mkanan org bwk jek..antara menu mlm tu,nasi putih,sup sayur, kari ayam, rendang, otak2 yg dibakar kat situ,etc(dah x hingat)..thanx to kak ina,kak lela,kak zurai,tok mak n their families yg bwk mknan yg sedap2 tu..
mlm tu,penat betul nak tgu mimin n harith yg battery nye ala2 energizer..langsung x menunjukkan tanda2 nk tdo..last2 mama pon tarik dua2 msk chalet n tutup lampu..bile sume org dah diam,baru la diorg tdo..so ktorg ber3 tido kat chalet n mr sheikh tdo kat khemah smpi arnd kol 6 sambung tdo kat kete sbb x larat nak berperang ngan nyamuk..(thnx to tok ayah yg menaja penginapan kami mlm tu..hehehe..)
Huhu..pagi tu bgn tdo jek mimin n harith dah terjun ke laut..termsk la mama diorg sekali..(i ni mmg pantang tgk air laut,x sah kalo x terjun..)yg penting penyakit tu menurun pd harith yg susah gile nak ajak naik..asal pimpin die nak naik jek, die wat u turn nak msk air balik..but for mimin, minah bandar tu x nak mandi laut..jap je dah naik, die kate air laut tu byk sgt..n air die rs masin..+pasir msk dlm swimsuit die..eleh..
so,lps puas mandi,we all makan(siap goreng nasi tu..+nugget,fries etc)n kemas khemah..n we all ber 8 kete gerak balik arnd 1pm..5 kete straight ke jb, yg lg 3(me,my sister(widuri) n tok ayah) pg cuci mata kat bdr kota tinggi sambil pekena nasi ayam Baser..
so, ni ade pics of mimin n harith kat campside/chalet..x byk ambik gambo sgt..

Jun 5, 2009


actually hr nih i syok lyan blog bloggers sume..tgh2 syok blog hopping..terjumpe la this blog mamatisya..xcited sgt tgk scrapbook yg mamatisya wat n i terus try the link yg she provide..n finally find it very easy n hasilnyer channteq bangatt!!!!!thanx mamatisya for sharing..yup betul..sharing is caring..hehehe..so..lihatla hasilnyer..chanteq x???

Scrapbooking at WiddlyTinks.com

Digital Scrapbooking at WiddlyTinks.com

Jun 4, 2009

happy anniversary sister!!

my sis widuri n her dearest meme
happy ann to u both!!
birthday boy..hehehe..
last tuesday,02 june is my sister (widuri) 8th anniversary..so this entry is dedicated to her n abang am(my BIL..semoga jodoh berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat n moga2 meme(my niece) dapat adik lg..insyallah..
so, that night since it was also my uncle's birthday,we all sefamily gi dinner kat jb catering..its buffet dinner n being me yg lembap with 2 kids yg byk songeh mlm tu,plus my mom yg x bape sehat plus kene drive sndiri sbb mr sheh ade keje n die straight pegi from ofis(byk betul my alasan kan??..),ktorg smpai dah terlmbt n sume org dah abis mkn pon..but the best part is ramai la yg offer nak melayan my kiddos mkn sbb sume dah kenyang n me..bole la melayan food tanpa gangguan..hahaha..
overall,foods kat situ bole tahan lar..cuma x byk desert jek..yela berbaloi la sbb bayar cuma rm12.90 je sorang..xleh la nak demand mcm kat hotel kan??
okla..last but not least..Happy 8th Anniversary dear sis n Happy 46th Birthday Uncle Dan(actually he is my fav uncle)..may Allah bless u..insyallah